Live cooking class going overseas

스타 셰프의 ‘장으로 맛내기’ 요리 교실이 브뤼셀과 로마로 찾아갑니다.

Nov.13 ~ 14 (For 2 days)

Chef Cho Hee-sook at <Hansikgonggan> and Chef Kang Min-goo at

<Mingles> present live streaming of Korean food to people in Rome and Brussels

Chef Introduction

Detailed info

Nov. 13(Fri.) Brussels Nov.14(Sat.) Rome
Channel Zoom YouTube
11AM(Local Time)
(Seoul Time 7PM)
Chef Cho Hee-sook’s recipes using soy sauce
1. Soy sauce preserved vegetables 2. Fish and meat fries served with soy sauce preserved vegetables
1PM(Local Time)
(Seoul Time 9PM)
Chef Kang Min-goo’s recipes using chili paste sauce
1. Beef tartar 2. Truffle chili sauce and fish dumplings

Overseas cooperation