Seoul Restaurant Week

Wed, Nov. 11 – Sun, Nov. 15, 2020 (5 days)

We asked food curators: “What is unique about Seoul delicacies?”
President Choi Su-geun, Museum of Culinary Art

“The taste of Seoul, a capital city of Korea, is developing as a culture that connects tradition and modernity as well as Korea and the world.
It will continue to develop even in the future.”

Professor Jeong Hye-kyung, Department of Food and Nutrition, Hoseo University

“Seoul is an international city of taste. It captures the features of both traditional and modern taste.
As Seoul has a history of being the capital of the Joseon Dynasty for 600 years, it has strong roots of taste as well.”

Professor Lee Gyu-min, Department of Foodservice Management, Kyung Hee University

“Restaurant is a place that gives pleasure to people with food.
Seoul has increased number of restaurants dynamically experimenting something new by harmonizing tradition and modernity.”

Owner Chef Yim Jung-sik of Jung Sikdang

“From traditional Korean to modern Korean food; Western food with a little bit of Korean style in it; from fine dining to more affordable gourmet
— the wide selection of choices givse a fun experience to customers.”

Owner Chef Kang Min-goo of Mingles

“A city with ever-changing trends and sensitive consumers.
The rise of competent boutique restaurants in Seoul is making the market even more competitive than ever.“

Owner Bartender Lim Jae-jin of Le Chamber

“Just a couple of years ago, people thought of bars in Seoul as a place to simply get drunk.
Now, people’s perceptions have matured, seeing them as a place where bartenders give customers unique and customized experience.”

Publisher Lee Seong-gon of Bar & Dining

“The food we eat and drink in Seoul today is the taste of Seoul. It is our “face” that blends the tradition and innovation,
street food and fine dining, and the old capital of Joseon to the modern Korea of today.”

Producer Lee Wook-jeong of Food Odyssey

“Seoul has become the ‘rising star’ with a bright future of food compared to any city in the world.
I look forward to varieties of Hansik added to French and Italian.“

President Lee Jeong-min, Trendlab 506

“It is hard to see a food industry that grows and transforms as quickly as that in Seoul.
It is becoming pickier every time, but that is also a sign that more people are investing in taste.”

CEO Pierre Cohen-Aknine, Pierre Cigar Club

“Food is so important in Korea, that people even greet each other by saying,
‘Have you eaten?’ Seoul, where talented chefs are hidden everywhere, is indeed a city of taste.”