Top 10 Comfort Foods

Top 10 comfort foods selected from online vote!
What is comfort food?

Food that comforts you when you are tired and worn out!

What food comforts you when you are tired and worn out?

Here are some recommendations to that very question

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    Sep. 17–22, 2020

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Area Age range Food Reasons for selection
Incheon 20s Tteokbokki When I eat spicy tteokbokki, it can relieve my stress. When the taste is spicy and I eat with sundae or fried food, I can forget about all my work and can concentrate on delicious food
Gyeonggi-do 30s Chicken It beats my stress.
Seoul 10s Kimchi stew It is a representative Korean food and is a warm soup with a spicy flavor to relieve my stress.
Seoul city 10s Pork belly I feel energized and great when I eat pork belly.
Daegu 30s Ginseng chicken soup I no longer feel tired the next day after I eat ginseng chicken soup.
Gwangju 20s Ramyeon Convenient to eat and delicious. Prices are reasonable and it is easy to purchase.
Busan 30s Soybean paste stew Bean paste stew is a soul food for Koreans. It reminds me of my mother’s love.
Gyeonggi-do 40s Cake I like eating salty, spicy or sweet food when I am stressed out.
Gangwon-do 20s Chicken feet My soul food is Chicken Feet! It relieves all my stress! While eating sweet and spicy chicken feet, removing bones is fun as well.
Chungcheongnam-do 30s Beef It improves my appetite and makes me feel good and energized.